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About us

MyPhilGifts is a company that caters to OFWs and foreigners who wants to send gifts to the Philippines. While the company may seem simple on the surface, it is a company that has been trusted by thousands of people all over the world. The goal is simple and that is to deliver high quality gifts on time, every time.

MyPhilGifts is a company that started way back in 2008. It is a company that is crafted out of the sheer desire to provide gift items to Filipinos who live in the Philippines even if the sender is from another country. Basically, what it does is that it bridges boundaries so that people can send gifts to their loved ones regardless of location.

MyPhilGifts is named as such because it combines two important terms for the company: Phil which stands for Philippines and Gifts. Putting these terms together instantly tells the world what the company is all about and that it is about sending gift items to the Philippines. The best part is that it is more than just a delivery company that sends gift items to the Philippines. It is also a company that accepts orders from other countries. With this, it is able to satisfy lots of clients from all over the world. It accepts just about any currency and that's what makes it special.

On top of that, MyPhilGifts is a company that boasts a rich amount of experience. Operating since 2008, the company has dealt with just about any type of customer out there. The good thing about it is that they are able to learn their lesson from every type of customer so that they can end up satisfying them the next time they deal with them.

With this, MyPhilGifts hopes to satisfy your needs of reaching out to your loved ones in the Philippines. Housing a lot of brands and gift items, there are enough items for just about anyone regardless if that person wants to make his or her recipient happy or just want to look for something creative.

You can contact MyPhilGifts in various channels. Here are their contact information.

USA No: 001-213-9841010
Call : +63-02-414-4444
Text: +63-908-8848712
E-mail :

Customer Service

USA No: 001-213-9841010
Call : +63-02-414-4444
(smart) +63-908-8848712
(globe) +63-917-8240400
(sun) +63-925-5902010
E-mail :

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